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A wedding held in the Sikh community is called an “Anand Karaj,” which translates to “a pleasant act based on the pattern of the soul merging in God.” Consequently, tasteful invites to certain wedding rituals are needed.

In addition, they should complement your idea of a lovely wedding invitation and suit your lifestyle. We recognize the importance of marriage in an individual’s life. Thus, we’ve put up a collection of Sikh marriage invites for you to choose from. Perfect for decorating those most treasured moments in your life are our Sikh wedding invitations. They also will complement your ideas for fantastic wedding invitations.

We offer the best Sikh wedding e-card invitations and video invitations. These digital invitations are both convenient and cost-effective, making them an increasingly popular choice.

Digital Sikh wedding invitation videos invite guests to a joyous and sacred celebration by infusing tradition and modernity. Before the start of a Sikh ceremony, known as the Anand Karaj, wedding guests are greeted with excited enthusiasm, exchanging warm, affectionate greetings. Often, one or both of the couple’s mothers present a formal, Sikh wedding card, much like the traditional mehndi invitation, but with the texture of gold leaf. Once the initial rituals are complete, their love is officially declared.

Wrapping verses from Guru Granth Sahib and traditional salutations helps set a spiritual tone, followed by personal warm-wishes and family symbols. Visual designs can range from traditional motifs, and maximum use of symbolic colors and ornamentation, to contemporary modes, all achieving both cultural legacy and modern aesthetic. Keep it brief but informative; polite but without subservience; culturally appropriate and even-keeled. With Sikh wedding invitation video, the couple has the best of both worlds: cultural greetings and a cordial invitation.

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A Sikh wedding invitation e-card is one of the modern ways to invite guests on a special day and also a great way to save paper. Designing a good Sikh wedding invitation card layout needs basic information which includes the names of the bride and groom, the date and time of Anand Karaj or wedding, and also the places where the ceremony would be conducted.

Religious verses from the Sikh scripture, the Guru Granth Sahib, along with other traditional blessings ensure that a sense of spirituality pervades the room. Other personal touches might include messages from friends and relatives, as well as symbols of the family, such as pictures. Design elements might include traditional motifs and colors, or elements of contemporary design that incorporate styles passed down through the generations.

The pitfalls of doing it badly include sounding patronizing, snapping at guests, speaking in grandmotherly fashion, and using unclear RSVP instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Include the couple's names, date and time, venue address, and RSVP details. Additionally significant are traditional components like the Guru Granth Sahib passages and the Ek Onkar emblem.

Videos are a fun and interesting way to send out invitations. They allow for multimedia elements like animations and music, are eco-friendly, and can be easily shared via email and social media.

Sikh wedding invitation E-cards are digital invitations that beautifully integrate traditional Sikh cultural elements with modern digital technology, providing a sustainable and convenient way to invite guests.

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Send them 8-12 weeks before the wedding. For destination weddings or distant guests, consider an earlier save-the-date notice. But it is only if you want any custom sikh invitations.

English is common for clarity, but incorporating Punjabi phrases or a bilingual invitation adds a personal touch.

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There’s nothing quite like the freedom to custom design your wedding invitations. It’s a canvas for your creativity, allowing you to experiment and infuse your personality into every detail. Our Custom Invitation Design service lets you choose the perfect font, theme, and color palette, ensuring your invitation conveys exactly what you envision. Through this personalized approach, your guests will feel the depth of your excitement and understand just how important this celebration is to you.

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Hire WIV - Wedding Invitation Video, and make your special day remarkable by getting a joyous and colourful Digital Sikh wedding invitation video at an affordable cost. This update on the conventional invite incorporates Sikh cultural elements within the composition, allowing you to share the invitation on WhatsApp or social media with ease.


Immerse Your Guests in Sikh Tradition with the Shared Invitation Video

Our invites feature elements like Ek Onkar, Khanda, and other symbols from Sikh culture, offering an exquisite invitation for your event. The inclusion of historical Gurdwaras and other cultural wedding paradigms increases the authenticity, providing your guests with an inside view of the sacred union you are about to celebrate from the moment they receive the invite.


Share Your Love Story with Our Digital Invites

Narrate the beautiful journey of your relationship using a series of captivating photographs and videos. Caricature couples are a trendy option, showcasing your love story uniquely and imaginatively. This segment, enhanced with captions and a background song, makes your guests feel like they are part of your love story.


Six Elements of Clear and Concise Event Details:

  1. Date and Time: Inform your guests about the date and time of each ceremony.
  2. Venue: Provide detailed information on the location of each event.
  3. Timeline: Ensure a well-organized timeline depicting the order of occurrences, such as the Anand Karaj, Mehendi, Sangeet, and reception.
  4. Maps and Directions: Include maps and directions to the venues for added convenience.
  5. RSVP: Facilitate easy RSVP by including the head organizer’s contact details.
  6. Inquiries: Address all inquiries related to the wedding planner, venue directions, and family members responsible for guest services.

Vibrant Music and Visuals

Our videos feature traditional Sikh music or popular Punjabi love songs to set the perfect tone for the invitation. With bright and colorful visual designs, accompanied by animations and transitions, your invitation will be visually appealing. You can also share any wedding songs you like from YouTube, and we will incorporate them into the video.


Make Your Wedding Unforgettable

Design a cherished and valued digital invitation that reflects historic Sikh traditions, enhanced with modern technology. Surprise and delight your guests by inviting them to your Sikh wedding with a WIV Wedding Invitation Video. Make your wedding unforgettable. Contact us today to get started with our services.

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